Urban Landscape Photography

I use my photography to record the “eye candy” that appears to my senses as I move through my activities during the day.

Dusk on Filipstadsbacken

This is one of a typical image that represents what catches my eye and is taken from the balcony of my condo. An evening shot, taken after the sun has gone down past the horizon. I just pointed the camera and took the shot. No people. Bright colors. Very clear air.

Farsta Bus Stop

Here is another; clean air picture. The bus station in Farsta. An unusually warm, early spring day in Sweden. You can see from the color of the leaves on the tree that they are very, very new. The bus is partially hidden by the shadow from the elevated subway. someone is standing on the platform, under the shadow of the roof. I am waiting for 784 to take me home.


Another urban landscape. This time just down the street from where I live. It was the painted line in the bicycle path that caught my eye. You can see my shadow on the bridge. This shot was taken on film using my Nikon FG-20.

The blue of the walkway under Gullmarsplan

Selective coloring is something I will do on occasion. The landscape of the urban shot needs to be significant enough that colorizing the image will enhance the quality of the image. Here, for me it was the sweeping curve of the walkway. today if you go to this site, you will find that each of the lamp globes has been tagged.

Clearing The Ice

A shot of Kungsträdgården taken in mid March. The green astro-turf is covered with water that becomes and outdoor ice rink in downtown Stockholm. At the end of winter they hurry the process of melting ice by removing it by hand, re-exposing the green of the astro-turf. Those that do the the job are of no consequence, it’s the de-icing that is interesting.




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