Fuji DL-500 Wide Date


A very cool compact 135 camera. My wife uses this camera for her B&W photography; it has a date-back.


Released to the market in 1990, it is equiped with the “drop-in loading” function where the film is wound into the cartridge to protect exposed frames if the back is opened. After 1991, a UV filter was placed in front of the lens, which is found on this unit.

Took me awhile to figure out how to change the battery in the door. Then, after running a roll of film, I realize the seals on the door battery cover needed replacing. Aj, aj, aj. So much work for such a cheap camera; cost me all of SEK 60 (including shipping) on a local online auction.

The technical specifications:

  • Wide angle: 28 mm f/3,5, 3 elements, 3 groups.
  • Normal: 45 mm f/5,6, 5 lenses, 5 groups.
  • Active autofocus with pre-focus, closest range 0,45 m.
  • Auto-exposure from EV 9,25 (45 mm: EV 10,9) to EV 16,9 (45 mm: EV 18).
  • Backlight compensation mode, “landscape” mode (infinity focus).
  • Built-in flash, range 0,45—3 m (28 mm, ISO 100).
  • DX decoding from 50 to 1600 ISO in full stops; non-DX film is exposed at 100 ISO.
  • Built-in date function.
  • Power: 3V CR-123A lithium battery for motor and focus, CR2025 battery for the dating function in the back door. The camera won’t work without both.
  • Dimensions and weight: 121x65x41 mm, 210 g.

SN: 90716123

Made in Japan

Condition: Very Good with a few scuffs here and there from normal use.


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