A to Ö Photography Project

A collection of photos that represent my impression of the letters from the alphabet.

The English alphabet is A to Z. But, I live where there are three additional letters from the Swedish alphabet; Å, Ä, and Ö.

In this project photos can;

  • Contain an image of the letter, in upper or lower case
  • Be an image of a concept that starts with the letter

One week will be dedicated to a single letter.


It was difficult to start this project and it took me several days to find something that actually caught my eye.


Bus StopBusBootsBenchBench32 B, and Hus B.

Several of these shots were acquired at a local shopping center called Liljeholms Centrum, where we do most of our grocery shopping.


Clock, Coffee cup and Christmas Tree.


Damaged, Dark, and Dagens Nyheter.

“Door’s” are a topic I enjoy photographing on my photo safari’s. I really avoided these obvious targets for my camera.

However, I did include Dinner from my Food Photography project.


Escalator, Electric Tree and Engelbreksplan.


Farsta Strand and Film.


GlassGreen and Green Garage. And then Green again.

With a late addition of, Graffiti God Jul.


HoleHissHearts of WoodHasselbackenHangingHop On Hop OffHotel Hornstull HiltonHotel and Håll Knappen. All in a single day.


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