Red Rodney (1976) Yard’s Pad

Yards Pad (lp) discogs


Sonet, SNTF 698


UK, 1976



Hard Bop


Found my first Red Rodney album in a small vinyl shop in London; This is my second Red Rodney album. It was recorded in Stockholm at Metronome Studios, 4th & 5th March 1976. Note-able only because I picked this album up in Mickes on Söder.

I only picked up the first album because Red Rodney was a trumpet player and I was interested in hearing his style. I don’t often find Red Rodney releases in the shops, so I grabbed this copy of Yard’s Pad. Bop or hard bop will be found on this release, which was going out, or was out, of fashion in the mid-70’s.


Alto Saxophone – Arne Domnerus

Bass – Red Mitchell

Drums – Ed Thigpen

Piano – Bengt Hallberg

Trumpet – Red Rodney


Track Titles

Yards Pad (lpa) discogs

A1 – Yard’s Pad

A2 – Red Rod

A3 – Informality


Yards Pad (lpb) discogs

B1 – S.A.S.

B2 – Here At Last

B3 – The Fourth Of March

B4 – I Don’t Remember April


Other Credits

All titles Composed By Robert Rodney Chudnick

Producer – Rune Ofwerman


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