George Benson with The Harlem Underground Band (1978) Erotic Moods

Erotic Moods (mp3)


Paul Winley Records ‎– LP 131


USA, 1971


LP, Album





Bass – Ruben Wilson (B3), Sterling McGee (A1 to A3, B2)
Drums – Earl Williams
Guitar – George Benson, Sterling McGee (A2, B2 to B3)
Harmonica – Buddy Lucas (B2)
Keyboards – Ruben Wilson (A1)
Organ – Dave “Baby” Cortez
Saxophone – Willis Jackson (A2, A3, B3)
Vocals – Ann Winley (A2, B2)


Track Titles

Erotic Moods (lpa) d Erotic Moods (lpb) d

A1 – Erotic Moods – 3:18
A2 – Fed Up – 10:09
A3 – Loose Joints – 4:30

B1 – Overture Erotic – 2:06
B2 – Smokin Cheeba-Cheeba – 7:40
B3 – Sweet Taste Of Love – 8:29


Other Credits

Written-By – Ann Winley, Paul Winley



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