Music Collection

Here I am and I am looking for something to do with my collection of music.

Besides cataloging what I have sitting on the bookshelf and several plastic buckets in my living-room (you can find me on Discogs), I do spend a lot of my time listening to music on vinyl (which I prefer). But, do have a large digital library based on my CD collection (to cut down on vinyl wear).

I started collecting when I was 16 with a copy of “Captain And Me” by The Doobie Brothers, released in 1973. The group’s third album reached the #7 position on the U.S. Pop Album charts in its release year, which produced two singles; China Grove (reaching #15 on the charts) and Long Train Runnin’ (reaching #7). I won the album in a car rally run by my high school in 1975 where I drove my Mom’s car, a 1972 MGB.

Since then I have reinvented my listening habits a number of times and I am currently in a “jazz” phase.

Click on the links you see here to peruse my collection. Vinyl and CD links are physical items I own, some of which I burn so I can listen to them Digitally.

Jazz Collection

Country Collection

Pop Collection

Rock Collection


Funk / Soul


I also collect a variety of labels, for example the following:

CTI Records

Prestige Records

Blue Note Records

World Pacific Jazz

Atlantic Records


And then of course there are a couple of series that have attracted my interest:

Verve Jazz Masters

Om Lounge

Science Fiction Jazz



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