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Model Worker

Performed by the post punk group Magazine. One of my most favorite songs. I have always empathisized with the feeling represented by the lyrics of this song. Here are the lyrics.
I’m sick of working on the land

I want to work with machines and look handsome
I have been indulging

In ostentatious display

Doing little more than eat

Three square meals a day
And I’ve been shirking my duty

So I’ve been sending gifts to curry favour
But because I love you

And because you love me

A model worker

I’ll willingly be
I need a holiday, I’ve not been well

Take me to the Brocade River Hotel
And I just want to know

While the revolution lasts

Will it enable me

To swallow broken glass!
I’m not too worried by hegemony

I know the cadre will look after me
And I just want to know while the revolution lasts

Will it enable me to swallow broken glass!
I have been indulging in ostentatious display

Doing little more than eat three square meals a day
But because I love you…
Songwriters: Barry Adamson / David Tomlinson / Howard Devoto / John Mc Geogh / John E Doyle
I first heard this song on the album “Correct Use of Soap”. Later I picked up a copy of “Play” that had a live version of this song. Over the years, I burned through at least four vinyl copies of “Play” and two copies of “Correct Use of Soap”. Then I was able to get the albums on CD.

Because I have always found this song so moving, I am going to attempt to set images to match my feeling from the lyrics, as a photography project.

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“Joe Loss In The Glenn Miller Mood” (1973) Joe Loss And His Orchestra

Released in 1973 for the Scandinavian countries by the Music For Pleasure label.

Excellent editions of some of Glenn Miller’s best tunes. And the approach to the style of Glenn Miller is far better than the group here in Stockholm that has licensed the rights to use the name.

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“The Evolution of Mann” (1972) Herbie Mann

A compilation released on the Atlantic label in 1972 (SD 2-300). A very nice selection of songs from many of Herbie Mann’s more notable LP releases from the 1960’s.

Sides One and Two were most enjoyable with selections Georgia On My Mind from “The Inspiration I Feel” (produced by Joel Dorn and Nesuhi Ertegun) and Yesterday’s Kisses from “The Herbie Mann String Album”.

There are a lot of notable musicians on theses tracks; Chick Corea (piano), Bill Evans (piano), Dave Newman (tenor sax), among others.

Unfortunately the album sides are not auto-coupled so I had to flip the first disk on my turntable 😦 to get to the Side Two. 

If you are looking for  an introduction to Herbie’s work from the 1960’s then this compilation will have some of his nicest work in Latin and Hard Bop Jazz.

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“Nirvana” (1964) Herbie Mann & The Bill Evans Trio

Nirvana (1964) LP Nirvana (lpa) d Nirvana (lpb) d Nirvana (lpr) wp

Atlantic ‎– SD 1426


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Here we have Herbie Mann on flute matched with the Bill Evans Trio with Bill on piano, Chuck Israels on bass and Paul Motian on drums. All nice selections.