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Burke & James View Camera

I have now entered the domain of large format photography with the purchase of Burke & James Commercial View 4×5 camera.

The camera included two film casettes; a Riteway and a Fidelity Delux.

And, a box of expired ERA ISO 100/21˚ film (maybe 10 sheets).


The camera is not finished in the typically noted grey paint. This unit appears in a plain wood, yet finished with a clear varnish.

The objective is clear with no fungus. A few bit so small trash, but, those bits should be eaisly removed if I dissassemble the lens.

The lens is a Compur with the notation C.P. Goerz Berlin Dogmar 1:4.5 F=12.5cm on the element ring face.

The bellows appears to be whole, with no holes.

Now I need to get the unit in operation and take some photos.


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