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Chinon Genesis III

Chinon designed a number of interesting cameras before they were, as I understand, purchased wholly by Kodak. I paid 249kr (€26.10, $29.80 or £23.00) on tradrea.com in Sweden.

Referred to as a 35mm “bridge camera” because it combined the features of a point-and-shoot with those of a zoom SLR.

Serial number 20027243.

This is one of several Chinon cameras that I occasionally use for film photography projects, which are typically urban explorations.

The Chinon Genesis III with its lens cap and flash up. 

One of the early macro zoom (38 – 110mm) cameras introduced to the market during the late 1980’s. This model was rebranded under a number of different names.

External Links

There were several generations of the Genesis model camera; Genesis (GS-7), Genesis II (GS-8), Genesis III (GS-9) and Genesis IV. These linked pages cover at least one of these models.




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