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Shoe Shots – Photography Project

I am getting tired of my own creativity. I need a project to focus my interest.

Shoes. I have some shoe shots in my collection on Flickr. Let’s take a look.

The shot above I caught in the Paris underground, last summer, when I was on vacation.

At Skansen, the open air museum in Stockholm, you can see tradional Swedish dancing. And, the wear traditional hand crafted shoes.

A shot I captured while on a business trip in Qingdao, China. I would often see people leave their shoes above the tide line while they wet their feet in the surf.

My daughter needed some cash, so I took a photograph of the pair she wanted to sell.

A display of night shoes at the high end store in Stockholm, NK.

Shoes hanging on a wire above a street in Stockholm.

A member of the Honor Guard waiting for the King of Sweden and the Royal Family to ride to Skansen to celebrate 6 June.

Brown patent leather shoes on display in the clothing store, Monkej. The shop is on the street Götgatan on the island of Söder in Stockholm.

So, how about I go out and look for some more?


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