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My Camera Gear

Shooting with legacy lenses : Helios

I keep experimenting. It’s in my nature. I get to feel the pain of learning.

I read that these Helios lenses made in the USSR can produce some appealing bokeh. So, I search the auction sites and bought one from Ukraine.

A model Ге́лиос-44-2, 58mm, f/1:2. Clean, well working with very little wear. I purchased separately a mounting ring to convert the M42 threaded mount to a Nikon F so I could run the lens on my Nikon D5200.

standing and waiting for the photographer

A nice lens. Here, I’ve captured Mia waiting for me outside of the central train station in Stockholm.

looking down Klara Norra Kyrkogata

Yet, there are some limitations. Focus at infinity doesn’t quite reach; there is a slight haze in the image.

Enter a caption

Again, when I’m underground, producing a haze around the lights and reflections in the surfaces.

Downtown Södertälje in Sweden

Again, when I’m out on the town. Or is it some other effect?

poster wall

Sometimes, the effect is good. A kind of, dreamy softness is given to the image. Like this shot of the poster wall in Kungsträdgården subway station.


However, when I pull the focus away from infinity, I can catch some nice shots.

Window Shopping Downtown Stockholm in Sweden

Downtown Stockholm, Sweden.


A pedestrian passing in front of the toalet in Stockholm’s T-Centralen.

ha, it’s my fruit stand

A vendor on Hay Market giving me an evil gesture.


Grafitto on a brick wal in Södertälje.

underhålls ej vintertid

But, this is the effect that I am looking for from this lens; bokeh. That soft, bent, ringed effect on the lights. Yet, in this image on ly on the lights well behind the subject.


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