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Chinon Monami : shooting expired film

I picked up a Chinon Monami online for the measly sum of 50 kronor. It had film; a roll of ExtraFilm in ISO 200. I remember using this brand of film during the early 1990’s in Sweden.

Because I am always curious about the quality of images I get from expired film, I finished the roll and sent it in for processing. Checking the film code after processing, I noticed the manufacturing date of 1987.

Oj. No wonder. Interesting effects.

Film: ExtraFilm, C-41, 1987
Farsta (T) and bus station

I can always get some strong lines in my shots at Farsta (T), with the platform deck and the roof. Here, we had some heavy snow the day before; you can see a local contractor working with his machine in the background.

Film: ExtraFilm, C-41, 1987

From the bridge over Årsta viken, you can see Liljeholm. A tired shade of blue from the sky and water.

Film: ExtraFilm, C-41, 1987
blue sky and trees covered in snow

In this shot taken in Larsboda down the street from where I live, the blue sky really came through through the trees, after I did some post-processing to correct the color in Photoshop.

Film: ExtraFilm, C-41, 1987
gamla stan alley

However, in a show taken down an alley, Tullgränd, in Gamla Stan, the sky takes on a dirty blue color.

Film: ExtraFilm, C-41, 1987
Gamla Stan on Västerlånggatan

Again, here in a shot taken on the main tourist promenad in Gamla Stan, Västerlånggatan.

Film: ExtraFilm, C-41, 1987

This is the front of the condominium where I live in Larsboda.

Film: ExtraFilm, C-41, 1987
flash on Mia

I tried the flash on the camera. Works. You can see the reflection in the reflective surfaces on Mia’s jacket. Using the flash on this little camera has made me curious about using a flash in phototgraphy.

Film: ExtraFilm, C-41, 1987
pipe smoker

Finally, an old man sitting on his walker waiting for the bus, smoking a pipe.

So, what do I think about the quality of the images? After 30 years of storage in unknown temperatures, the colors are clearly faded, yet they could be brought out using some Photoshoping.


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