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The Urban Landscape of My Neighborhood

My neighborhood is a scene that I often capture using my camera. On my walks and from my balcony.

Dusk on Filipstadsbacken

In the distance you can see the warning lamps on the chimney of the heating plant in Högdalen, which is about 4.5km north west from my apartment.

When I am looking for pictures, I am often caught consider the lines I find in the scene.

Farsta Bus Stop

The bus station in Farsta. An unusually warm, early spring day in Sweden. You can see from the color of the leaves on the tree that they are very, very new.

The elevated platform of the subway cuts through the scene. The bus on the right is partially hidden by the shadow from the elevated subway. Someone is standing on the platform, under the shadow of the roof.

I am waiting for 184, which is the bus you see in the photo, to come off break and come around to pick me up and take me home.

Bicycle Path on Ågesta Brovägen in Larsboda

Another urban landscape with a strong characteristic line. This time I am crossing over a bridge just down the street from where I live, Ågesta Brovägen. It was the painted line in the bicycle path that caught my eye. You can see my shadow on the bridge. The street lamps along the road way create additional lines for the eye to follow.

This shot was taken on film using my Nikon FG-20 with a 50mm Nikon Series E prime lens, using Fujicolor Superia 200 color film.

Winter always brings interesting scenes to photograph.

Farsta Strand (J)

The train station, just down the hill from where I live. It’s snowing. And, it has been snowing for a while.

And this is a scene I often capture.

Farsta Strand (J) on a September Morning

All platforms in train stations offer very strong lines for the eye to follow. This station is no exception. Interesting to note that the white areas at the edge of the platform are used by train personnel to visually determine if anyone is in the doorways before they are closed. I used my iPhone 6 Plus to take this shot on my way to work.

And, there are photos I take in black and white as well.


Another opportunity shot from my balcony. Post processed for black and white. Shot using my D90.

Bus Stop for 184 on Filipstadsbacken

A minimalist shot of the bus stop accrost the green. A curious scene with the bicycle, bench and shelter. There is some gentle appeal gotten from this shot.

Taken with a Mamiya M645 on Kodak Tri-X 400 film.

There are a number of green areas in the neighborhood. But, given that there is so much forest in Sweden, even the parks are surrounded by trees.

A Park in the Neighborhod

“Klippbacken” is the name of this small park, adjacent to the path down to the train station.

I took this with an iPhone 6 Plus and it was selected for the Flickr Explore group.

building shadow on building

It is late November. The days are short, the sun is low on the horizon. A shot taken when facing the north, causes a shadow to appear on the building in front of me.




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