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Vanishing Lines to Points

A theme I find and capture in photographs are lines that vanish to a point.

Somewhere in the image there is a strong line made by some sort of artifact, like a row of lamps or a sliver of sunlight.

In other cases it is not only a line of lamps, but a feature formed in the ground.

For some strange reason, a clock figures prominently in the image.

And, another clock.

Then there is the occasional photograph where the foreground figures prominently.

The depth of focus needs to promote the lines, especially when the object of the photo is in the fore ground.

When there is no need for a lamp, the lines are still there as strong references that are vanishing to a point.

Concrete lines, painted lines.

Lines formed from a wall.

Lines passing into a black abyss.

Lines passing away over the horizon.

A line passing into the dusk. 

Lines passing into the end of the metro platform. 

Lines like these . . . 

Sometimes I am outdoors.

. . . Out on the town in the evening . . .

. . . during the day . . . 

Then, in some cases I shot my pictures on film.

Then I find some winter shots. 

And, of course, I do them in black and white.

So. I’m sure I’ll find more. 


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