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Photos of what I eat

I take a lot photos. I take photos of what I see. I take photos of what I eat.

Traveling for business across the world has often meant that I traveled alone to meet a group of people at my destination. During my travel I would naturally have to eat something and I would then take a photo to capture that moment in time. I took a photo of what I ate.

Over the years, I began to collect these pictures; studying them for composition, color balance, contrast, lighting, etc. All this in an effort to improve my skills in capturing a single event of my life in a photograph. Taking photographs of what I eat. So, food has been one of several reoccurring themes in my photography.

When I started a course in “Personal Photography” question appeared; am I telling a story in capturing these images? I’m not sure . . .

Take for example, this mornings breakfast.

Red marigold greens, tomato, persimmon. A fried egg with cheese and fried taro cake.  Coffee and soy milk on the side. A typical breakfast for us at home.

Here is another breakfast from the weekend.

Toast with peanut butter and mayonnaise.

For this photograph I was using the ceiling lamp to illuminate the scene, which can give me a problem, showing up as a reflection in the surface of my coffee. Even when I change the angle of the shot.

Furthermore, the light from the lamp is too harsh, which can wash out the color from the area that reflects the light.

However, during the summer, the light from the window is  very nice.

A summer lunch of fried dumplings with sauces. American pale ale.

BLT with sliced bell peppers. Banana. Coffee and soy milk. The light is coming from the window on the right, yet, I am still using the ceiling light hanging over the table.

I can also get good light from the balcony.

BBQ pork ribs with potatoes and greens. Bubble water with sliced lime. Now I have a problem with there being too much “yellow” light. Should I edit this image with some post prosessing?

Yet, using the light from the window gives a nice feeling to the food.

However, the angle of the shot is always difficult. In the two previous pictures, taken in our kitchen, I had to carefully hold the camera phone level enough that I could catch a glimpse of the table top around the place mat. Then I notice that the placemat is curled.

Sometimes, I catch more than I might want to have in the photo. Here, I was in a hurry to catch the image before the sun came back from behind the clouds.

Sometimes, something on the place-mat sticks out over the edge.

And, this can change the balance of the sliver of wood seen under the place-mat.

So, I try to change the angle of the shot.

And I can adjust the distance.

Some angles give more depth.

And, the depth, so the table top does not appear.

Now, what about my photographs of food when we eat out on the town?

Pizza in Skärholmen. Maybe I should have cleaned my fork and knife?

Lunch on Söde with the light is coming from behind me.

Brunch at Texas Longhorn. The light is coming through a window to the right.

Another pizza. In this photo you’ll see the receipt in the background 8my eye goes there and I never adjustment of the arrangement). The light is coming from above.

Some Asian Fusion from a place on Söder with the light oncoming from above and behind.

And Vietnamese soup on a tray. Here, I thought about cropping out more of the photo from around the tray . . . weird photo with a tray.

Again, maybe I should use a clean knife and clean fork?

Brazilian styled lunch in Paris, France.

Breakfast eggs in Paris . . . yumm.

Taiwan style bibimbap.

So, in conclusion. I take a lot of photos of what we eat at home.

The quality is ok. But, they are Instagram styled photos, which I find awkward.









As I take more and more photos, I am becoming more observant of the lighting in the scene. Sometimes the angle of light is really nice.

A sandwich before I get on the airplane at Arlanda.

Popcorn at the movie theatre.

Chicken wings and beer on a photo safari over Söder.

Sunday lunch at Farsta Gård.

And then there are the ingredients for food.

Green beans at Farmer’s Market on Söder.

Bell peppers at ICA Liljeholm.





The most significant feature of these photos is the position of light. I need to pay closer attention to the placement of light so that it lifts the quality of colors in the photograph.


But, have I shown a story? No, I think that somewhere here I got lost in the task of showing some pictures  😉

Anyways, I will keep taking pictures of food.



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