Camera Types · FG · Nikon

Nikon FG

I have been collecting various items to trick out my latest retro acquisition, a Nikon FG. 

First was the actual camera, which actually as part of a larger kit. 

The strap is something I found in a retro camera shop in Sweden, L-Foto in Vansbro. There is enough adjustment to carry the camera over my neck and shoulder. 

From a seller on eBay I picked up a grip. However, I also have a motor drive that I would like to try. So, I will have to put the grip to the side.

The eye cup also came from L-Foto, a Nikon DK-5.

From a shop in Italy I found a date back, a Nikon MF-15. 

Took me some research to find the battery specification. 

And, longer yet to find an instruction to program the date. 

And then together with the motor drive. 


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