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“Jam Session” (1954) Various

Jam Session (1954) LP Jam Session (lp1) d Jam Session (lp2) d Jam Session (lpr) wpMercury, EmArcy ‎– EXPR-1012


LP, Album, Reissue

A live jam session recorded on 14 October 1954, somewhere in Hollywood, CA. A really fine session that has been reissued a number of times over the years, most notably in Japan.

The trumpet plays are most noticeable on this release; Brown, Ferguson and Terry. The saxophones offered by Harold Land and Herb Geller are hardly note worthy. Good bop, typical for early 1950’s.

The last track offers Dinah Washington, which is a bit misplaced in this collection. Nice vocals, but really doesn’t fit into the scene created with this recorded session, except possibly as a bop singer?


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