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Summer Reading

På Palmblad Och Rosor

“På Palmblad Och Rosor”

av Stig Claesson

© Stig Claesson 1975

Bonniers Grafiska Insudtrier AB 1977, ISBN 91-0-040353-9

Stockholm, Sweden

My first reading for the summer! 15 kr in a second-hand bookstore in Liljeholm Centrum.

Real estate agent “Proppen” Oskarsson. Then there is the extension cable for the tv. Finally, the old lady in the house in the forest. A collection of different people discussing the condition of Sweden during the mid 1970’s. An interesting reference to Chairman Mao. You will never guess the ending.

The book, published in 1975, was done into a tv-film in 1976 by SVT with Janne “Lofffe” Carlsson in the leading role.

What I enjoyed was the speaking style created by “Slas”, an author who resided on the island of Söder in Stockholm. Very earthy, basically congenial style, reminding me of many of the older generation of Swede’s that I meet. I am not sure if the book is available in English. But, the Swedish is easily read.


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