A recent acquisition from tradera.com in Sweden; a very gently used Nikon FG-20, originally introduced to the market in 1984. This is an entry level SLR that allows you to switch lenses. However, in its simplicity hides the elegance of classic mechanical design typical of the 1980’s. 

A manual film feeding camera provided with a TTL (Through The Lens) light meter. I had some difficulty learning how to get the meter to run, only because there was the slightest amount of corrosion on the battery clip.

On this camera, the battery clip holds two LR-44 batteries.

Now that I have cleaned off the corrosion, the meter in the camera runs great.

It is equipped with a Nikon Lens Series E, 50mm f/1.8, which was discontinued on the market in 1987 and replaced with the Nikkor series lenses.
My purchase of the camera included a case, user manual and flash.

A more technical description of this camera can be found at Wikipedia.

I ran a roll of film in the camera and I am waiting for the images to be developed. Let’s hope I do not have to fix the seals!

SN: 3600671

Made In Japan