I have been collecting a variety of compact cameras to experiment with film photography. One of these is this Fuji DL-200.

The camera is in good shape.  But, it is dead. A first inspection shows that there is no apparent battery door. After some research through my Flickr account I discover that this camera model was typically serviced in an authorized Fuji shop.

Actually, there is no real difficulty with battery replacement, if you are a little handy. Which I am ;-).

First, open the film door.

Here is the latch that keeps the door from swinging open.

Second, gently press the door latch to lift the pin on the latch out of the hole in the case. 

There it is, the lithium battery. As you can see, someone has been here before me and applied some cellophane tape. I wonder why? 

The fit is tight. I needed to use a bladed screw driver against the bottom of the battery to gently lift the battery out of the compartment.  

No problems with battery leakage. However, the battery holder with terminals appears to be damaged.

Which, is the reason for the tape. After cleaning, I believe that it will work fine.

There is a feature of the battery holder that fits into a feature of the battery that will position the battery correctly, so I am not going to “tape” the holder around the battery. Also, after reviewing the Owner’s Manual, which states that two 3-V lithium batteries should be good for about 1,000 exposures, I will use the same technique to lift out the battery that I have used here in this blog.

IMG_7717 IMG_7719 IMG_7721

I’ll just drop the battery in the compartment.


And gently . . .


. . . press into position.


Now the battery is in place in its compartment.


Put the lid down.IMG_7732

Insert the latch pin into its hole.


Job done.

IMG_7738(Now to test the camera with film)