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Fuji DL-500 Wide Date : Battery Replacement

I picked up a second-hand film camera through an online auction. Fuji DL-500 Wide Date. I paid 50 kronor Swedish. I read that in the States these cameras go for a couple dollars.

IMG_7258They were introduced to the market early 1990. This unit has a serial number 90716123. I have not yet researched if it is possible to identify the actual manufacturing year.

Battery-1So, I dropped a CR 123 into the battery compartment, shut the lid and pressed the Power button. I could hear the film feed motor whir, but the display on the rear was dead. Furthermore, no lens motion with the power up.

Could there be a second battery? I remember that sometimes there was a battery used to power the electronics and displays in devices from the 9180’s and 1990’s. I started searching.

With a little bit of research, I found a discussion forum on Flickr called “Compact 35” that discussed one of these cameras. There it was mentioned that there is a second battery that runs the display.

After removing the primary battery, I start looking for this secondary battery, that I cannot find mentioned in the user manual.


Sure enough, there it is. Getting to there was a bit of a trick. You have to gently tweak the yellow retainer to free it from the lid, then you are one step closer.

Battery-4 Battery-5Once the lid is free, then you will see the cover for the battery near the hinge. Gently lift the metal leaf and using a #0 cross driver remove the screw holding down the cover.

Battery-6 Battery-7

With the cover released you can now lift out the battery.

IMG_7189 IMG_7191

Replace it with a CR2025.

Battery-8Make sure that you seat the battery in the cavity and catch the lip of the cover.

FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender-4Attach the screw you removed. Attach the lid using the yellow catch. Close the lid and take a look.

FullSizeRender-5There we go! This is what the display should show. When you follow the directions for setting the date you will notice that the year will start at 89. I had no problem setting the date for 2015.

IMG_7250I continued to set the month and the day then the time.

IMG_7251Then I put in a roll of film.

IMG_7259Now, we go shoot some shots and process the film to see if the seals leak on the lid.


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