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“Come Surf With Me”, Aki Aleong and The Nobles (1963)

Come Surf With Me (1963) lp

I like the twang of a surf guitar. Enjoyed the Ventures growing up in SoCal.

This item was really cool. Found it in a “vintage” shop called An Ideal for Living Sthlm AB on Söder in Stockholm neat the Ilcaffe coffee shop. Cost me all of 5 kr and it was in really good shape, even considering that it probably been sitting in the crate outside of the shop most of the summer before my purchase. Then I looked it up on Discogs to add it to my collection. Wow! Suprise!

Did some research. The guitar was played by a Ralph Geddes (credited with song writing on track A3, Body Surf). Aki Aleong collected the musicians forming the group as The Nobles (could have been located in El Monte, CA). Ralph Geddes has a brother in the group, Paul Geddes. Aki Aleong, the producer on this release, was an actor staring in many of the tv drama shops in the early 60’s.

After a bit of research I found the rest of the credits for the the band:

Aki Aleong (vocals)

Ralph Geddes (lead guitar)

Paul Geddes (bass)

Marty Smith (rhythm guitar)

Rick Gardner (drums)

Ron Smith (piano)

A saxophone appears on the release, still researching a performer credit. The only track having Aki Aleong on vocals was B1, Mary Ann (Come Surf With Me).

A well produced album, which is credited in several blogs as being a source of inspiration for other surf guitarists, in particular Pipeline (track B2).

Hiawatha is one of the more interesting titles (track B5) on the album.


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