Music Collection

Why do I listen to music? Or, even jazz music?



To begin with, I find the sound of music soothing. Hearing structure in sound allows my mind to partially occupy itself while I mentally contemplate other topics. Ah, in other words, hearing music keeps the blood flowing in my brain while I read or study or doing something with my mind.

Yet, when I do listen to what I hear I find I use an ability to disseminate patterns in what I hear. I separate the instruments in my mind see their contribution to the whole. Drums, horns, bass, piano. Orchestra sections. Voices.

Jazz, being an improvisational musical form has many different practitioners that bring a different flavor to the music. Chet Baker, Art Farmer, Freddie Hubbard, Maynard Ferguson, have all played a flugel horn at some point in their careers. Each bringing a different tone, style, color to a composition.

So, listening to jazz gives me a very broad range of different individual qualities that I can explore during listing.

Now, why do I collect jazz music?

Records, cd’s even, are my “books”, my “videos”. I put a disc on the turntable and listen. Maybe, I’ll only listen to a track while I queue up a disc on the other turntable. And, I can keep doing that for a while, an hour or two.

Looking for themes in listening in my own collection of lp’s. Right now I’m looking for 60’s cool jazz; my inspiration is Shelly Manne, the drummer from California. A copy of his “Dactari” album just arrived!


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